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Sunday, July 18, 2010


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KJAER WEIS is a visionary and forward-thinking cosmetics brand created by Danish-born, New York based make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, that recognizes health and beauty equally by fulfilling the desire and demand for color cosmetics made with the highest quality safe, natural and organic ingredients without compromising on luxury or contemporary design.

The brand fills the gap in the market for a product with clean formulations inside and design packaging on the outside. Branding, structural and packaging design are created by Marc Atlan.

KJAER WEIS is Certified Organic by the CCPB, the Italian organic certifying authority. The ingredients used are of the highest quality. When working with organics raw materials, one works with a live, non modified material, it’s like eating an apple fresh off a tree compared to a processed cookie. Every batch of make-up has to be adjusted to keep the same color and texture, this is the closest one will get to a hand made piece. »I believe women deserve the feeling of putting the best ingredients on their skin that the body actually celebrated and resonates with, not something it’s trying to fight«. All products contain no paragons, petrochemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors and fragrances. KJAER WEIS is 95% organic!

Red lacquered grain-textured boxes that look like little jewelry cases house the bold metal compacts with their white enameled KW logo. All the KJAER WEIS compacts are refillable. »I wanted something unique, modern, forward thinking but also socially responsible.« Each compact comes with your chosen color. Refill pans are available in customized, simple paper cartons, that are fully recyclable yet beautiful, so care has been taken to maintain sustainability principles as well as high design standards.

»The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are vitally important to me. Consciously or unconsciously, design affects us all.« Kirsten Kjaer Weis

The 95% organic make-up line runs three different products:
Lip Tint, Creme Blush & Eye Shadow.

Where to buy: Space NK, moshi moshi mind, Paris Texas