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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Us

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At THA CHRONICLEZ, our job is simple: find things that are fashionably incredible and then write about them. We love the idea of sharing interesting news, facts, and gossips about anything and everything pertaining to trends in fashion. We are not professional fashion designers or famous writers, but we love fashion and like to share what we know with the world.

THA CHRONICLEZ is a website where you can learn new information on designer brands, clothing, celebrities, and a lot more! Although we LOVE high fashion, whatever is hot - WE'LL PUBLISH IT WITHOUT AGENDA, regardless of price or brand. Our goal is to provide content that YOU want to see, so if you have any fashion info or products that you think are worth sharing, send your ideas our way to Info@ThaChroniclez.com and we will be sure to publish on our site if we like what we see.

Ultimately, if you're into fashion of any kind - THA CHRONICLEZ is where you need to be.