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Thursday, April 22, 2010


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Within the latest creation of edgy garments and precious pieces, Aroma 30 develops a delicate yet strong collection of sculpted silhouettes. Inspiration is taken from the contrast between geometric and soft shapes in nature and translated into a balance of architectural construction and spontaneous complexity. Featuring intricate sections of pleated and draped fabric, geometric cuts and monochromatic layers of ribbons, the items explore a cold, wintery palette of nude, beige, black and cloudy grey shades.

A timeless vision of style rises from luscious silk drapings and soft wool foldings, drawing a unique effect of natural lights and shadows while creating volumes and shapes around the body. Aroma 30 follows a theme of grace and conscious felinity developing a collection where simplicity and complexity express different meaning of the same message. Check out more cool stuff at AROMA 30

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