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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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Check out Digggggy ! This is the freshest little dude I know out, I dont care what no one says to me. This kid is 14 and doing his thang. Diggy is joining forces with some of his peers to create Young Crafters; its a movement which wants to show the fashion world that the next generation is poppin' and definitely on the come up.
Diggy links up with 15 year old Jovany Perez of Adeen, and 14 year old Lyna Zerrouki. They set a goal to encourage young adults to reach for their dreams by combining their passion for fashion, music and art. Here is a preview into their upcoming Young Crafters lookbook where they will be showcasing their individual style as well as inspiring the youth of the new age.
Damn Im trying to get in this ! lol

Diggy: H&M Band Jacket, YSL tee, Gold Ambush “POW” chain, Melody Eshani 4 finger Chain Ring, Jeremy Scott “JS wings” sneakers.
Jovany: Vintage Cardigan, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt, Gold Ambush “POW” chain, Mason Martin Margiela Sneakers.

Diggy: Guess Leather Bomber, Lous Vuitton Scarf, Marc C Bow tie Brooch Android Homme Sneakers, Melody Ehsani Custom Ring

Jovany: Ralph Lauren Polo Blazer, “Stephen Sprouse” Louis Vuitton Scarf, Romeing Panda Brooch, Y-3 Sneakers

Lyna: Burberry Leather Jacket, Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Kanye West Louis Vuitton Don Sneakers, Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami Monogram Camouflage Keepall bag.

Lyna: Burberry Leather Jacket, Acne Dress, Givenchy Heels