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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keith Sweat Gives You The 'Ultimate Look' Into Dru Hill

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Pic's from VladTV.com: It looks like the year 2009 is going to be filled with surprises!! We finally welcomed a Black Man into the "White House", we also found out that Rappers can't make up stories and think we the "People" won't find out!! Ex: "Officer Ricky". Just when I thought I heard it all for the year 09, "Keith Sweat" decides to try to bring back "Dru Hill" WTF (LOL)!!! Now for those that don't know, this is a straight up bootleg show that is only being aired in Atlanta, GA because the rest of the world really doesn't care. These dudes are starving and its not hard to tell. All I have to say is "Tell Me What you want" because I know what I want, and that's to see "R. Kelly" come back and kill these dudes careers one more Time LMAO!!! check out the video & be sure to leave a comment!!

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